Bredent Airaqua turbine, 1 Unit


Bredent Airaqua turbine, 1 Unit

Airaqua turbine is a handy, compact unit with a light-weight handpiece for precise processing of hard materials such as high-performance ceramics (sintered zirconium oxide), press and metal ceramics.

The airaqua turbine features a spraying device to spray an air/water mixture onto the processing area.

Water cooling avoids overheating of the material.

The formation of micro cracks is reduced considerably so that safe processing of materials is ensured. The water spray traps the grinding particles, protects the grinding tools and thus extends their service life.

As an option, an adapter is available or using the turbine handpiece in milling units.

The spray can be switched on and off quickly with the switch on the handpiece. Fine adjustment is achieved with the two regulators in the table unit. A very small rotor allows extremely comfortable working and perfect view on the work piece. The lubricant is directly fed into the bearings. The handpiece features a special adapter (Midwest) and thus can be used with angle handpieces, turbines and air motors with the same standard.

Technical data:

  • Speed 300,000 rpm
  • Energy supply compressed air
  • Operating pressure 2.8 - 3.2 bars
  • Air consumption 40 l/min.
  • Water reservoir 350 ml
  • Collet 1.6 mm
  • Lubrication manual
  • Width approx. 190 mm
  • Height approx. 190 mm
  • Depth approx. 125 mm 

Scope of delivery:

Table unit with filter, controller, manometer, water reservoir and regulators, footswitch, handpiece with rotor, special oil 30 ml and adapter