C&M CM-Loc® Basic Set Elitor®, 1 Set

Cendres & Metaux

C&M CM-Loc® Basic Set Elitor®, 1 Set

The product system meets the highest standards of quality and know-how without sacrificing an attractive price category.

The modular female part system is available in 3 versions.

  • Elitor®
  • Pekkton®
  • Titanium

All versions allow restoration for existing Locator®-like abutments.


  • The titanium female part with activatable gold insert and 3 loading levels.
  • Unique activation capacity and extremely strong hold
  • Excellent oral compatibility
  • Can be used as a tuning female part with heavily worn male parts
  • Clinical evidence

Set contents: 

  • 2x female part housing of titanium
  • 2x retention insert Eitor®, mounted
  • 2x Block-out spacer