C&M CM-Loc® housing Pekkton® for Pekkton® inserts, 4 pcs

Cendres & Metaux

C&M CM-Loc® housing Pekkton® for Pekkton® inserts, 4 pcs

The female part housing made of high-performance polymer.
Pekkton® - the material of the furture

All components of the Pekkton® female part system are made of the high performance polymer Pekkton®. The material is characterized by long life, high biological compatibility, patient-friendly application and ease of cleaning.

Pekkton® allows permanent retention force and the loading level are specifically defined.

The result is: You get what you expect.

  • Pekkton® the metal-free lightweight solution
  • Pekkton® exhibits less wear compared to known materials
  • Pekkton® impresses with its low plaque affinity