Creation In Nova Neo, Kit

Creation Willi Geller

Creation In Nova Neo, Kit

Naturally coloured light dynamics and fluorescence

Strong colours for admixing and staining: In Nova Neo is a modern universal modifier which is used with all ceramic ranges. Thus the physically harmonised properties allow universal modification of all layering ceramics.

The ten strongly coloured ceramic modifiers can be used to achieve natural fluorescence effects and impressively contribute towards harmonious colour reproduction - without any loss of brightness. The exclusive modifiers are extremely economical and versatile and are used for staining ceramics materials - hence they must not be applied to ceramic surfaces. At the same time they serve to stain zirconium dioxide frames for tooth-coloured shading and for characterising the white or pre-strained zirconium dioxide surface.

Interesting colour add-ons in the range: the Crackliner for reproduction of three-dimensional enamel cracks and Illusion for simulating depth effect or for reducing brightness.

  • Admixing for intensifying or individualising layered ceramic
  • Staining zirconium dioxide frames for tooth-coloured shading and for characterising the white or pre-stained zirconium dioxide surface
  • Imitation of depth effect and simulation of three-dimensional cracks
  • The colour "icing on the cake"- for frame and ceramic - In Nova Neo

The physical properties of the high-quality stains and modifiers are so perfectly matched to the ceramics surfaces and materials that they can be worked universally with all layering and pressed ceramics, pressed or fired dentine cores as well as zirconium dioxide frames – after all, colour creativity should be unlimited.

Furthermore, the new stains are extremely fine-grained and fluorescent and they can readily be mixed with each other.