Candulor X PLEX new dual high-impact polymer (powder), 100g or 500g


Candulor X PLEX new dual high-impact polymer (powder), 100g or 500g

XPLEX – the HIGH-IMPACT polymer for dual use. Developed to cover the different processes and needs in the laboratory. The new polymer is suitable for HOT and COLD polymerization.

Whether packing, pressing or pouring: the choice of HOT or COLD processing, is governed by the respective HOT or COLD monomer component.

XPLEX is characterized in particular by its good flow and modeling properties. 

Advantages of XPLEX products in processing

  • Easy dosing
  • Simple mixing technique
  • Easy to grind
  • Bubble-free workpieces

The Benefits of high-impact material properties

Performance Facts

For the laboratory:

Compared to conventional PMMA materials, the fracture resistance is increased significantly. Repairs and additions can be performed with the same material quality.

For the dentist:

The improved physical properties of the material offer high fracture strength, which can contribute to long-lasting dentures and satisfied patients.

For the patient:

More safety in everyday life, even if the denture should be dropped. Furthermore, the material has a tendency to low plaque adhesion, low discoloration and is easy to clean.

Strong Performance

XPLEX dentures with character and high impact strength.

  • Good bond to denture teeth
  • Good polish ability
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Low adhesion of plaque
  • Low tendency to discoloration