Silicium disilicate ingots, e-press ingots

Baumann Dental GmbH
Articulator synchronization, Adesso split ® system, Modelsystem ® 2000, Modelplates and Pins for Giroform®, Zeiser® and Adesso®

Benzer Dental AG
Fix-Pin model system, high quality die spacers, texturmarker, hint and tricks for ceramics (margidur, separator G-K, trenn-pen)

Bredent GmbH & Co.KG
Bio HPP (high performance Polymer), visio.lign Veneering system, Prosthetic material, Casting technology, Waxes, Burs, Attachments, Locks and Screw connections, Denture resins, Polishing, Devices, Instruments

Bredent medical
Sky implant system, Locator, Instruments and tools, Temporary restorations, Abutments for fixed restorations

Candulor AG
Teeth NFC+, Resin Teeth, Denture base materials, Auxiliary materials, Registration CRS Set 10, 15 and 20, Dental devices, Impression Systems and Swiss Denture Concept by Candulor

Cendres & Metaux
Metal alloys for crown and bridge technique, attachments, endodontics, high performance polymer (Pekkton), the lithium disilicate press ceramic system (Livento® press and Soprano®10)

Creation Willi Geller
Veneering Ceramic (Metal, Zirconium, TI), Pressable Ceramic (Classic CP, Metal, Zirconium), CreaColor  (In Nova Neo, Make up Neo) , Creapearl

Hi quality Zirconia Blanks “Made in Germany” for Copy-Milling and Open CAD/CAM systems, Zirconia Blanks are compatible with the most Systems  in the market, Premium Zirconia, High Translucent Zirconia, Pre-Shaded Zirconia, Wax and PMMA Blanks, Burs, Cobalt-Chrome Discs and more.

High quality germane made dental furnace, furnace for firing-, combined furnace for firing and pressing under vacuum, pressing and firing with or without vacuum and sintering furnace

Disposable articulator

Dental equipment, wax processing, wax heater

Impression material, bite registration, soft relining, implant cement, good morning spray

Effegi Brega
Dental equipment, steam cleaner, light curing, sandblaster, vibrator, polymerization

Gramm electroforming system

Twister articulator, super ring for the lithium disilicate material

Casting machine, Chrome FH, magfit (magnet), radial bristle, spider tray

Wolrd’s thinnest reinforced discs

Sintering furnaces, burnout furnaces, zirconia sintering furnaces

Sagemax Bioceramics, Inc.
The company is one of the world's leading dental manufatures and suppliers of zirconia blanks "Made in USA". It is a provider of aesthetic zirconia products for leading dental CAD/CAM systems. High Translucent Zirconia, Pre-Shaded Zirconia, Wax and PMMA.

The company are the specialist for articulator, face bow and everything what you need for a perfect registration. All SAM products are developed and manufactured exclusively in Germany.