Audent i-motion e-press, medium, 5 pcs CLEARANCE


Audent i-motion e-press, medium, 5 pcs CLEARANCE

The new high strength Silicium Disilicate pressable ingots

Material and Indication

The Audent i-motion e-press pressable ingots base on a high strength Disilicate Glass Ceramic.

Mechanical strength and optical properties qualify e-press to press all ceramic single unit restorations (anterior and molar crowns, veneers, inlays, partial crowns/onlays) and three unit anterior bridges, three unit premolar bridges including second premolar as terminal post. Respect carefully all minimum wall thickness and connector cross sections mentioned.

Overview i-motion e-press ingots

Audent's i-motion e-press ingots for different finishing techniques are offered in three ranges of translucency:

"light" for staining technique
"medium" for staining or layering technique
"dark" layering technique

Medium ingots are available in 16 V-shades A1-D4 for staining and layering technique. In these range additional three ingots, colours cover bleached shades (BL-1-3). They compare to the MT and HT series. They are as translucent as the HT series.