Baumann Articulator ARTO XP 2S


Baumann Articulator ARTO XP 2S

The basic model from the new Arto XP articulator series with immediate Side shift function (ISS).

The ergonomic XP basic model, extended by a practical and extremely easy to use Immediate Side shift function, also caters to sophisticated technical requirements.

The Side shift function can be activated/deactivated very easily with small levers on the axes. The low-wear, self-lubricating polymer condylar balls are a fantastic solution detail for XP articulator.

  • Convenient handling due to ergonomic design
  • Height  126 mm
  • Sturdy and durable solid aluminium construction
  • Three possible tilt-proof working positions
  • Practical centric quick-release locks
  • Micro-adjustable guidance pin
  • Extensive range of accessories
  • Artex*-compatible

 The features in detail:

  • Construction: Non-Arcon
  • Fully Artex® compatible
  • Centric quick-release lock
  • Condylar balls: Polymer
  • Adjustable Bennett angle 0° to 20°
  • Fixed condylar inclination 35°
  • Anterior guidance plate 0° (mounted)
  • Adesso Multisplit junior magnetic plate system
  • Anterior guidance pin, adjustable  6mm
  • Anterior guidance pin, micro-adjustable
  • 45°- table support integrated
  • ISS (Immediate Sideshift) 2 x 1.0 mm

 Accessories included in the scope of delivery:

  •  Anterior guidance plate: 30° 
  • 2 pcs. Mounting plates Connect® doe Adesso Split®
  • 2 pcs. Mounting plates Connect® for Splitex*
  • Carrying case XP 

Suitable for mounting magnetic plate systems:

  • Adesso Split set / Artex* / Arto / Item No: 10000
  • Adesso Multisplit set / Artex* / Arto/ Item No: 10200
  • Splitex compatible magnetic plate set / Artex* / Arto / Item No: 10010
  • Quicksplit set / Artex*/ Arto / Item No: 23000