Baumann Model system® 2000, 1 Kit


Baumann Model system® 2000, 1 Kit

Since its introduction in 1998, the model system 2000 sets the standards in the field of saw-cut model manufacturing.

With the model system 2000, within several minutes, a high quality saw-cut model can be produced, which offers outstanding precision that can result only from an expansion process.

The optimized design and the sophisticated arrangement of the pins guarantee an ergonomic repositioning of the individual segments. Even critical approximal contacts can be adjusted with the help of this model.

The already integrated split-cast is distinguished by an extremely smooth construction style in order to facilitate the mounting of the model in the articulator. When necessary, the individual pins can be removed in order to create, for example, space for a model analogue.

We recommend to use our cleaning spray #19088 in order to achieve optimal work results.


2 pcs  Base plate, large                 #14000617

3 pcs  Base plate, small                 #14000623

1 pc    Model base matrix, large   #19060

2 pcs  Model base matrix, small   #19061

2 pcs  Archiving plate ECO, large  #14000641

3 pcs  Archiving plate ECO, small  #14000646

1 pc    Positioning plate, large       #19036-01

1 pc    Positioning plate, small      #19035-01

1 pc    Segment removal key         #19030

1 pc    Imprint table, small             #19033

100ml Insulating spray                   #14001262