Benzer flexible high-tech porcelain spatula, 1 pc


Benzer flexible high-tech porcelain spatula, 1 pc

The brand-new porcelain spatula made from high-tech ceramic is particularly convenient to use and has decisive advantages over conventional metal spatulas.

Advantages of the material:

The high-tech ceramic material from which this spatula is produced leaves no undesirable abrasion residues. As a result, there is no danger of contamination from the residual particles and a discoloration of the ceramic as can happen using metal.

Flexible, stable blade:

Its resistive blade is thin and extremely supple. It makes working with porcelain mass easier.

Even the handle impresses immediately:

It is light, is designed to be extremely easy to handle, and lies comfortably in the hand. The specially ground segments, which prevent the spatula rolling away on the work surface, are a further interesting detail.