Bredent bre.Lux PowerUnit 2, basic unit incl. accessoires


Bredent bre.Lux PowerUnit 2, 1 basic unit incl. accessoires 

"Unleash the power of light" with Bredent bre.Lux PowerUnit 2

Full Range System Powered to Cure 3D Printed Materials. 

Reliable polymerisation

  • The new LED technology covers the entire relevant light spectrum range of 370-500nm. Offering more consistent, faster curing and maximum penetration, due to the different wavelengths reaching different depths, will reduce polymerization times. Top quality of the result

Unsurpassed polymerisation speed

  • Careful and gradual increase of luminous power with the 72 LED lights + full range, rotary plate and transparent light-tray give unsurpassed and highly efficient luminous power to prevent shrinkage. Reliable temperature control of 45°C up to 65°C is possible with the individually adjustable programs, eliminates thermal influences of overheating and embitterment of the object.


  • Long service life of the 72 LED lights 20,000 operating hours or 12 years, offers an extremely longer service life than, inefficient, power zapping halogen lights which have a max service life of only 2,000 hours.

Ease of use                            

  • Extremely silent compact light-curing unit was developed with a clearly visual digital display, easy and quick access to 3 (90, 180, 360 second) typical visio.lign programs, Programmable to satisfy individual requirements featuring 10 individually adjustable programs plus 1 continuous lighting program. In addition to the advantages of the bre.Lux PowerUnit 2, the rotary plate can be activated and deactivated during the program sequence. Comes standard with, overheat protection, an extremely silent fan and automatic deactivation of the 72 LED lights with acoustic signal at the end of the program.
  • The added advantage of the basic unit is the convenience of the removable rotary plate and transparent light-curing-tray. Removal of those items creates a spacious draw to easily accommodate large-size objects, such as flasks. Easy and fast access to programmes. 

Technical data - bre.Lux PowerUnit 2

Basic unit:

U: 100 – 240 VAC

P: 130 W

Freq.: 50 / 60 Hz

Fuse T 2.0 A

Light range 370 – 500 nm.