Bredent combo.lign catalyst, 4g


Bredent combo.lign catalyst, 4g

The aesthetic and functional visio.lign system with its unique options to create natural beauty, thanks to 6 compatible components: crea.lign, novo.lign, neo.lign, visio.CAM, visio.paint,

Combo.lign Opaquer+catalyst: a Light-or self-curing opaque which ensures perfect curing. The shades have been matched to those of combo.lign luting composite and novo.lign veneers.

The university-tested composite system is compatible with all metal primers and silanisation processes and is ideal when using mechanical retentions.

Light polymerisation is necessary to achieve an optimal bond!

For self-hardening, use a 1:1 mix of combo.lign opaque catalyst and combo.lign opaque mass. (in four different shades)