Bredent crea.lign Opaque, 4g


Bredent crea.lign Opaque, 4g

The aesthetic and functional visio.lign system with its unique options to create natural beauty, thanks to 6 compatible components: crea.lign, novo.lign, neo.lign, visio.CAM, visio.paint,

Create natural beauty – with the light-cured ceramic composite for natural beauty.

Crea.lign is a light-curing ceramic composite for the permanent veneering of metal, ceramic and polymer frameworks. The exceptional material properties adapt elasticity and hardness of crea.lign to the various substructure material.

Crea.lign opaque

The light-curing crea.lign opaque provides shade reliability in the free styling layer and when using novo.lign veneers.

Together with the MKZ primer, it forms the basis for optimum bonding with metallic and ceramic framework material and therefor for long-lasting prosthetic restorations without marginal gaps. All shades of the classic A-D system are covered by just 9 opaques.

The special GUM opaque is suitable for all GUM shades.

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