Bredent crea.lign past composite Dentine A1-D4 and BL3, 3g


Bredent crea.lign past composite Dentine A1-D4 and BL3, 3g

The aesthetic and functional visio.lign system with its unique options to create natural beauty, thanks to 6 compatible components: crea.lign, novo.lign, neo.lign, visio.CAM, visio.paint,

Create natural beauty – with the light-cured ceramic composite for natural beauty.

Crea.lign is a light-curing ceramic composite for the permanent veneering of metal, ceramic and polymer frameworks. The exceptional material properties adapt elasticity and hardness of crea.lign to the various substructure material.

Crea.lign contains only nano particles and no ground glass filler. It consists of 50% opalescent ceramic filler and a high-strength oligomer matrix.

The ceramic fillers used and the avoidance of hard glass fillers increase abrasion resistance and prevent plaque build-up, discoloration and embrittlement of the material.

Agglomeration effects (clumping) in the material are avoided and a homogeneous and dense surface is achieved with the particle size of approx. 40 µm and optimal polishing properties. Thanks to the dense surface, water absorption is low, which in turn ensures mechanical stability.

Crea.lign is available in gel & paste formulas. Gel & paste Dentine-materials are based on the classic A-D shades, BL3 bleach shade, with 9 GUM shades (4 gels and 5 pastes), the incisal, modifiers, stains and transpar clear shades are only available in gel formulas consisting of 5 incisal, 5 modifiers, 2 stains and T1 transpar clear. The enamel is available in gel and paste formulas of 4 shades and transpar opal is just available in past formula. Crea.lign opaque is available in 9 shades, a GUM and opaker Z specially designed for zirconia frameworks.

Crea.lign past is the pasty variant of crea.ligh’s two dosage forms. The consistency of crea.lign pastes is soft and smooth. Contouring is very easy. No undesired adhesion. The composite shaper kit makes modeling even easier. The silicon modeling instruments have been specially developed for the crea.lign paste and serve as an attachments and modeling aid. This makes it easy to achieve the finest transitions in modeling.

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