Bredent Diagen-Turbo-Grinder, coarse Cylinder, pointed, Ø 3.5 x 11 mm, 2 pcs


Bredent Diagen-Turbo-Grinder, coarse Cylinder, pointed, Ø 3.5 x 11 mm, 2 pcs

Diagen Turbo Grinder, coarse - new quality of the Diagen binding with coarse diamond grains for quick preparation.

  • Two abrasion levels for more flexibility in the usage
  • Special binding material (coarse) for longer tool life (20%) and reduced consumption of grinders
  • Cooling effect avoids damage to the zirconium
  • 11 different shapes for all applications ensure perfect processing results
  • Can be used for zirconium, ceramic and metal
  • Continuously exposed diamonds guarantee fast removal of material

Quick finishing of closely positioned crowns with the pointed cylinder saves time.