Bredent Diagen-Turbo-Grinder Disc, Ø 22 x 2 mm, 1 pc


Bredent Diagen-Turbo-Grinder Disc, Ø 22 x 2 mm, 1 pc

Ideal for processing zirconium oxide, non-precious and precious metal alloys, ceramic and resins.

Gentle and pressure-free grinding allows perfect finishing and efficient removal of material. The dtg grinders are perfectly suitable for processing of metal surface of ceramic frameworks thanks to the diamond coating. Also perfectly suitable for processing of ceramic due to grinding at reduced heat and extensive removal of material.

The diamond grinder system with the extraordinary grinding properties due to special Diagen diamond binding material.

Maximum grinding power and abrasive capacity on metal and ceramic surfaces at reduced pressure. Increased service life compared to conventional binding material allows a wide range of applications and thus high efficiency.

The variety of different shapes allow to obtain a wide indication range.