Bredent DTK-adhesive transparent or opaque, 8g


Bredent DTK-adhesive transparent or DTK-adhesive opaque, 8g

Bonding.lign DTK adhesive

DTK-adhesive is a two-component composite adhesive which is either self-curing or is cured with light to ensure curing of areas with inadequate penetration of light. DTK-adhesive, can be processed at room temperature to bond metal or zirconium dioxide restorations. Adhesive bonding of metal (CoCr, NPM, precious-metal free alloys, titanium) or zirconium dioxide is achieved without mechanical retentions by using MKZ Primer or Silano-Pen.

Moreover, DTK-adhesive, is used for bonding metal attachments or connection parts (double-T adhesive connector) for the combination technique.

Hygiene: no contamination thanks to its ability to be sterilised.

Flexibility: can be used intraorally and extraorally

Safety: durable, optimal bonding values

The dual-curing DTK adhesive facilitates a durable and secure bond between all prosthetic materials. Ideal for bonded individual abutments.