Bredent for 2 press, Basic Set


Bredent for 2 press, Basic Set

For 2 press vacuum-press system for the manufacture of metal-free, biocompatible dental prosthesis.

With the for 2 press vacuum-press system, the thermoplastic high-performance polymer BioHPP is processed in a mould made from a phosphate-bonded investment material. The end result is a metal-free, white framework construction, which can be veneered perfectly with conventional veneering composites in a customised, aesthetically pleasing manner. The dental prosthesis made from BioHPP is certified for permanent applications.

The melting process of the BioHPP high-performance polymer is carried out in the pre-heating furnaces already available to you. The subsequent pressing process is fully automated and takes place in a vacuum.

Technical data for 2 press

  • Power supply                       90-250 volts, 50-60 Hz
  • Power consumption          15 watts

Vacuum performance

  • Venturi nozzle                      approx.. 760 mbar
  • Weight                                   13 kg
  • Size (WxHxD)                       250 x 600 x 290 mm
  • Protection class                   IP 34
  • Sound level                           < 70 dB
  • Input air pressure                min. 4.5 to 6 bar max
  • Hardware protection          T 2.5 A           

Delivery Basic Set:

  • 1 x for 2 press pneumatic vacuum pressure unit
  • 1 x for 2 press mould (Mould system includes sprueing base size 3/16 mm and silicone ring)
  • 35 x 210 g Brevest for 2 press investment powder (incl. 1000 ml Bresol for 2 press investment liquid)
  • 25 x for 2 press filler (disposable plunger size 16 mm for pressing of high performance polymer into the mould)
  • 20 g BioHPP, thermoplastic high performance polymer
  • 1 x Digital thermometer with temperature sensor for furnace calibration