Bredent K Primer, 4ml


Bredent K Primer, 4ml

Bond.lign: a unique primer/bonder system for a permanent and secure chemical adhesive bond between all visio.lign system components and composites to all common framework materials. The 4 primers have all frameworks covered.

MKZ Primer, MKZ EM activator, K Primer and

K Primer

 Adhesive bond of composite to metal frameworks

  • Lithium (di)silicate
  • Veneering and press ceramics

The K primer produces the adhesive bond between lithium (-di) silicate, veneering ceramics and press ceramics to composites such as crea.lign or novo.lign.

Ideal when repairing ceramic veneers, as the K primer may be used intraorally.

K primer is also suitable for salinization of surfaces.