Bredent MKZ EM activator, 4ml


Bredent MKZ EM activator, 4ml

Bond.lign: a unique primer/bonder system for a permanent and secure chemical adhesive bond between all visio.lign system components and composites to all common framework materials. The 4 primers have all frameworks covered.

MKZ Primer, MKZ EM activator, K Primer and

MKZ EM activator

Adhesive bond of composite to metal frameworks

  • Precious metal alloys (Au, Ag, Pt, Pd)
  • Eco-alloys (low precious metal alloys)

The MKZ EM activator in combination with the MKZ primer is used to condition precious metal frameworks (Au, Ag, Pt, Ad), in order to create a chemical bond to composites such as crea.lign or novo.lign. Like the MKZ primer, the MKZ EM activator can be used intraorally.

Only use in combination with MKZ primer.

Application MKZ EM activator

1:1 mix with MKZ primer