Bredent Pi-Ku-Plast HP 36, 1 Set


Bredent Pi-Ku-Plast HP 36, 1 Set

Exceptional material properties such as perfect contouring characteristics and no slumping provide the precondition for top-quality casting results. The brush resin is available in five different colors. Both resins differ only in their contraction. HP 36 has a contraction value of just 0.036%. Since the resin sets quickly, it is perfectly suitable for the fabrication of resin dies or resin copings in the double crown technique.

Advantages of Pi-Ku-Plast HP 36 optimal control of layer thickness thanks to the transparent colors. 

Pi-Ku-Plast HP 36 Assortment    

  • 3              vessels    
  • 1               brush each, size A + B
  • 1               brush holder
  • 100 ml   cleaner
  • 100 ml   monomer
  • 85 g       polymer