Bredent QU-resin, Set or 1pc


Bredent QU-resin, Set or 1pc

QU-resin is a quick-setting, self-curing denture repair resin base on diacrylate for intraoral and extraoral use.

The perfect material when it comes to speed – regardless whether in practices or laboratories. Qu-resin rosa and QU-resin dentin for standard processing in the laboratory and for direct use in situ.

QU-resin covers a wide indication range thanks to simple handling, quick setting and tow colors (pink and dentin).


Compared to the conventional method using cold-curing resin and polymerization in the pressure pot, Qu-resin excels by reducing the processing time considerably. No pressure pot is required for QU-resin since the self-curing resin sets quickly.


QU-resin for intraoral use. The dentist can perform chairside repair of the denture and reduce the amount of time considerably both for himself and the patient.


QU-resin minimizes the waiting time for the patient and hence provides high comfort. Correction can be completed in a single appointment by using this denture repair resin.