Bredent Retention.Sil 200, 400, 600, 1pc


Bredent Retention.Sil 200, 400, 600, 1pc

Self-curing retentive prosthesis silicone

Convenient, Reliable and Inexpensive Fixation of Dentures

  • Retention.Sil is a resilient retentive matrix/female silicone material especially for restorations with worn-out locator abutments, damaged/worn ball head anchors, one-piece mini ball implants which do not provide adequate fixation of the denture any longer.
  • Every Dental surgery and Denture clinic should have Retention.Sil on hand, especially for those patients that come to you with that abutment/anchor which is highly worn, unrecognisable or matrix components that the manufacturer no- longer produce.
  • Retention.Sil is available in 3 different retentive levels 200g/2 newtons, 400g/4 newtons, 600g/6 newtons, allowing you, to offer your patients a range of retentive solutions.

Instruction are simple:

1/ Grind-out the denture acrylic and create a cavity, where you would like the Retention.Sil to be inserted. Clean ground-out cavity of any contaminates dust/grease, etc.

2/ Apply Multisil-Primer (silicone to acrylic primer) REF: 520 0100 4 that will self-cure in 3mins.

3/ Apply Retention.Sil into ground-out cavity and fill to the top.

4/ Insert denture into the patient mouth with the still soft Retention.Sil. The patient closes there mouth and the denture is fixed under slight masticatory pressure. Oral heat will cure the Retention.Sil in 3mins. After 3mins the denture is removed and any Rretention.Sil excess is removed with the special silicone trimmer BRS001QG41. Place denture back into the patient’s mouth. Advise the patient to keep their denture in for 24hrs to allow total polymerisation.

  • Wearing period of Retention.Sil 200 up to 6 months
  • Wearing period of Retention.Sil 400/600 is 12 to 24 months.