Bredent top.lign professional Enamel, 40g


Bredent top.lign professional Enamel, 40g

Temporary & permanent

  • Approved for use to temporary and permanent restorations

Resistant to fracture & physiological

  • Exceptional mechanical values (flexural strength: approx. 100 Mpa, E-modulus: approx.. 2600 Mpa) enable the perfect combination of required stability of a denture and physiological elasticity
  • Twice the flexural strength of bridge restorations (compared to other standard temporary polymers)
  • Particularly suitable for implant – supported restorations

Resistant to discolouration & plaque-resistant

  • The compact structure of the material enables high-gloss polishing and prevents plaque accumulation
  • Reduced water absorption, no yellowing and no discolouration thanks to full cross – linking of the material

Superior polish ability & edge stability

  • Excellent polishing properties enable particularly fast and simple processing
  • Optimized cutting thanks to high edge stability

Reliable & efficient

  • Results without any bubbles
  • Precision – fit results
  • Gap – free bonding to veneers and denture teeth without additional chemical bonding

Temporary & interim restorations

Immediate-loading bridges on implants or natural teeth also for long-term temporaries (period of wearing > 6 months)

  • Fixed and partly removable
  • With and without veneers
  • With and without framework support

Permanent restoration

Implant – supported restorations

  • Partly removable and removable (e.g. bar restorations)
  • With veneers, dentures teeth or crea.lign
  • With framework support

Partial and full dentures

  • Telescopic restorations
  • Clasp-retained denture