Bredent, 10ml


Bredent, 10ml

Bond.lign: a unique primer/bonder system for a permanent and secure chemical adhesive bond between all visio.lign system components and composites to all common framework materials. The 4 primers have all frameworks covered.

MKZ Primer, MKZ EM activator, K Primer and

Adhesive bond of composite to plastic

  • PMMA denture resins
  • Composite (veneer composites/composite teeth)
  • High-performance polymers BioHPP

The light-curing is used to create the bond between PMMA prosthesis plastics, high-impact PMMA composite materials, High-performance polymers such as BioHPP and materials such as PEEK/PEKK/PEAK to other composites such as crea.lign or novo.lign. can also be used intraorally.