Bredent visio.paint Stains assortment, 1Set


Bredent visio.paint Stains assortment, 1Set

The aesthetic and functional visio.lign system with its unique options to create natural beauty, thanks to 6 compatible components: crea.lign, novo.lign, neo.lign, visio.CAM, visio.paint,

Create natural beauty – with the light-cured ceramic composite for natural beauty.

The liquid, light-curing visio.paint stains (white/blue/black/ivory/ochre/ebony) are layered using the cut-back technique or directly applied and coated.

Surface staining is only recommended for temporary restorations.

The shade effect is retained after coating with composite. All standard PMMA resins and composites can be intensified with the visio-paint stains.

Kit contents:

6 colors:

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