Bredent vks-oc matrices 1.7 and 2.2, 8 pcs


Bredent vks-oc matrices 1.7 and 2.2, 8 pcs

Stud attachments must be processed very precisely for functionally-secure application. It must be possible to guarantee the positional stability of the prosthesis, in order to prevent overloading caused by micro movements of the matrix and the patrix. The attachment is only designed for secure hold of the prosthesis, it is not, however, for permanent weight-bearing.

Due to its snap function, the stud attachment offers patients more security, as a clear snapping in of the prosthesis is noticeable.


  • Root caps
  • Extracoronal applications
  • Retaining element for bars
  • Plastic fitting
  • Model casting fixation


  • Biocompatible thermoplast

The matrices have a retention of

  • Green 4N (reduced snap)
  • Yellow 6N (medium snap)
  • Red 8N (high snap)