C&M / Effegi STEAM CLEANER Minivapor “Kronos“, 1 Unit

Effegi Brega

C&M / Effegi STEAM CLEANER Minivapor “Kronos“, 1 Unit

The smallest appliance in the Effegi Brega range. A device which respects the tradition of solidity, practicality and long-lasting life of our products. The connection to the water supply is not required. Quick and easy to install: simply pour decalcified water in the tank and insert the power plug. Easy to use: 8 minutes after the switching on, the appliance will be ready to use. Just top up the water tank when the warning lights indicates it.

The tank can be topped up without having to switch off the appliance. 


  • Independent tank which makes the device portable
  • Easy filling: hole 65mm Ø inlet hole.
  • It is possible to top up the tank without switching the appliance off.


  • Practical, with excellent thermal insulation
  • Great manageability and ease to use
  • Manageable control button
  • Ergonomic and with reduced dimensions
  • Light and suitable for small hands


  • AISI 316 L stainless steel boiler
  • Boiler insulation resistant to 200°C
  • Satin stainless-steel casting
  • Varnished aluminium lid
  • Copper tubings
  • Brass fittings
  • Numbered safety valve set at 5.5 bar


  • The left pilot light indicates the operation of the heating resistance
  • The right pilot light indicates a low water level in the boiler and the operation of the water filling pump


  • When the light is on, it indicates that there is no water in the tank. The appliance remains in stand-by and under pressure. Simply top up to continue working.

      Voltage 230 V
      Frequency 50 Hz
      Power rating 1950 W
      Maximum operating temperature 135 °C
      Tank capacity 1.0 dm3
      Boiler capacity 2.2 dm3
      Water consumption 0.2 l/min
      Maximum working pressure 0.4 (4) MPa (bar)
      Safety valve set pressure 0.55 (5.5) MPa (bar)
      Sound pressure level [EN-3746-LpA] 81.9 dB(A)
      IP protection X3 IP
      Height 330 mm
      Length 170 mm
      Depth 360 mm
      Weight 9 kg
      Weight inclusive of packaging 11 kg
      Package size 400 x 300 x 410 mm