C&M Livento® Invest powder, 50x100g

Cendres & Metaux

C&M Livento® Invest powder, 50x100g

Special investment material for lithium disilicate and other pressable ceramics.

Livento® invest is a special investment a material of the latest generation for lithium disilicate and other pressed ceramics and ideally complements the Livento® press and Soprano®10 pressed ceramic system.

Your benefitis

  • The fine-grained natural of Livento® invest facilitates precise fitting, smooth and clean pressed objects.
  • The flowability of the material aides a trouble-free Investment process.
  • The material is suitable for refractory dies due to it is fine surface detail.
  • Livento® invest demonstrates hardly any reaction layer after devesting, therefore it can be blasted with 50 m glass beads.
  • The investment material can be used both with the fast pressing technique (speed technique) as well as with the conventional casting technique (overnight preheating).
  • Time can be saved, as cleaning with acid is not necessary.
  • Livento® invest is an economical solution for producing refractory dies.

Mixing ratio

Mixing ration 26 ml liquid: 100 g powder

Concentrate mixtures

40-60%           Expansion fluid for inlays, onlays, depending on preparation and size

60-70%           Expansion fluid for single crowns

70-85%           Expansion fluid for posterior and anterior tooth bridges

100%               Expansion fluid for refractory stumps

Please note: The higher the amount of concentrate in the liquid, the higher the expansion values.