C&M Livento® press ingots Opal 1 and Opal 2, 3x3g

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C&M Livento® press ingots Opal 1 and Opal 2, 3x3g

Perfect fit and stable in shape and color.

Livento® press is a lithium disilicate glass ceramic of the latest generation for the press technique.

Material benefits

The homogeneous structure and high strength values are the decisive advantages of this innovative material. When grinding Livento® press, the increased strength properties are noticed immediately. This ensures a perfect fit and aids stable margins after multiple firings. Colour stability (even after multiple firing) is proven and tested with the result mimicking the required natural aesthetics. 

  • The high strength values of the material can be experienced when grinding Livento®
  • The fit is perfect even after being fired several times.
  • The margins remain precisely in the desired shape and elaborate post-processing is eliminated.
  • The shades remain reliable stabile resulting in lifelike aesthetics.
  • The material demonstrates a homogeneous structure.

Indications:   veneering shells, inlays and onlays, partial crowns, anterior and posterior crowns, hybrid abutment crowns, 3-pontic bridge in the anterior region, 3-pontic bridge in the premolar region up to max. 2nd premolar as terminal abutment


Close to natural enamel transparency. With particularly opalescent properties. Particularly suited for additional veneers.

Livento® press Materials

Bending strength¹                           400+/–50 MPa

Transformation temperature (Tg)¹ 520°C

CTE (–500 °C)¹                                10×10-6×K-1 (pressed)

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