C&M Soprano® Surface Bleaching Kit, 1 Kit

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C&M Soprano® Surface Bleaching Kit, 1 Kit

The ready-to-use ceramic paste for an individual characterisation

With Soprano® Surface, we are adding another component to our ceramic portfolio:

The ready-to-use ceramic paste enable the close to natural structuring and colouring of crowns, bridges and gingival reconstructions.

The Kit with all structure pastes for tooth reconstructions such as shade corrections (by up the three shades), transparency effects, mamelon structures or enamel cracks.


  • Easy to use
  • Stable structure and colour
  • Individual shaping
  • Opalescence
  • Translucency
  • Fluorescence
  • Natural
  • All-round
  • Ready to use

Easy to use

Soprano® Surface is a ceramic for the structuring of crowns and bridges. The ready-to-use pastes have an optimal grain size which offers many advantages: Soprano® Surface can be applied easily and fast since the pastes can be used directly from the tin. The high stability of the material is also convincing - both during modelling and firing, the incorporated surface characteristics remain unchanged, thus significantly reducing the grinding effort. The colours of the pastes are also convincing in application. They are already visible during layering and remain unchanged after firing.

Individual, aesthetic results

Soprano® Surface enables individual shaping. Surface structures with depth effect can be incorporated. The transparency, opalescence and natural fluorescence of the material, which are effective from a layer thickness of 0.1 mm, also contribute to a natural result.

Matched colour palette

The stains in the Soprano® portfolio are also ready-to-use pastes and offer the same advantages as Soprano® Surface: The stains can be applied easily and precisely directly from the tin and the final result is already visible before firing - the stains remain unchanged here as well.

All-round application

Whether zirconium oxide, lithium disilicate or veneering ceramics - thanks to Soprano® Surface, surfaces of reconstructions can be individually characterised and the shades of natural teeth can be perfectly reproduced.

Soprano® Surface is also suitable for corrections on finished restaurations. For example, a contact approximal or occlusal can be corrected quickly and accurately.

Pink aesthetics in paste form

Soprano® Surface is completed by a selected portfolio of structure pastes and stains for pink aesthetics. Missing soft tissue can be perfectly imitated and added to the reconstruction. The structure pastes and stains can be applied easily and efficiently also for pink aesthetics. The high stability of the material is also convincing - both during modelling and firing, the incorporated structure of the gingiva remains unchanged.

Kit contents:

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