C&M Soprano®10 Enamel (E) and Transpa (T)- Veneering Ceramic for Lithium Disilicate and Zirconia, 25g

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C&M Soprano®10 Enamel (E) and Transpa (T)- Veneering Ceramic for Lithium Disilicate and Zirconia, 25g


The Soprano®10 veneering ceramic convinces through easy and time-saving processing. Soprano®10 can be used for the aesthetic veneering of frameworks made of lithium disilicate as well as zirconium dioxide. The thixotropic properties of the Soprano® powder-liquid mixture allow fast and reliable layering: Soprano® is viscous during processing and remains stable after model completion. The color fastness remains stable, even after several firing processes.

  • Very similar to natural enamel
  • Opacity of around 50%

Your benefits

The Soprano®10 has a major advantage due to its thixotropic nature, it stacks and stays where you place it. Soprano®10 can be used in thin sections, achieving the desired result due to it is brightness and color stability after repeated firings. 

Creative options

The range includes a balanced manageable range of different ceramic materials such as Margin, Frame Modifier, Opal, Dentin, Opaque Dentin, Enamel and Effect Material. The ceramic shades are based on the VITA Classic shade system.

Soprano®10 Materials

Transformation temperature (Tg)¹ 500°C

CTE (–500 °C)¹   10×10-6×K-1    (after 2 and 4 firings)

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