Candulor Aesthetic colour wax, 3x8g


Candulor Aesthetic colour wax, 3x8g

Characterization of wax dentures

In order to make individual characterization of the wax model simpler and faster for the dental technician, we offer 3 ready-mixed modeling waxes similar to the AESTHETIC Colour Set Easy.

To design a natural wax try-in, shade 53 should be used for the marginal gingiva, shade 55 for the fixed gingiva and shade 57 for the alveolar mucosa.

Inspiring features

  • Matched CANDULOR AESTHETIC denture materials
  • Very hard wax with low shrinkage
  • Gives the patient the feeling of the final product during the wax try-in
  • High-gloss through polishing 

1 Set 3x8g Shade 53, 55, 57