Candulor Static Pointer, 1 pc


Candulor Static Pointer, 1 pc

Primarily, the Static Pointer serves to check the autonomous, chewing stability of each individual posterior. This increases the positional stability of the entire denture. It is a simple tool to ensure that the posteriors are positioned over the centre of the alveolar ridge. In addition, model analysis points and markings on the bite template can easily be projected on the positioning and adopted. Systematic errors are reduced to a minimum with this tool.

Benefits for the user

  • Easy to use as suitable for every existing setup system
  • Easy checking of the autonomous chewing stability of individual teeth
  • Ideally complements the Condyloform II concept and the Gerber setup technique
  • Facilitates model analysis (fewer work steps)
  • Easy to teach, easy to learn
  • Millimetre scale on base plate 

Benefits for the patient

  • Better positional stability of the dentures
  • No unnecessary restrictions of tongue space
  • Increased chewing ability and wear comfort

Technical data

  • Weight: 280g
  • Hight:  16.5 cm
  • Width:  11 cm

The device operates on 2 coin cell batteries (LR44)

The integrated laser corresponds to Class 2