C&M Dolder® System bar female T, 1 pc

Cendres & Metaux

C&M Dolder® System bar female T, 1 pc

Execution in pure titanium (T)

Standard for polymerizing into the denture resin or metal framework (no soldering). Adjustable

Available in macro and micro.

Dolder® female part

T = Pure titanium


Removable dentures

  • Implant-supported dentures
  • Coverdentures

Dolder® Bar Attachment

Tooth- and tooth/gingival supported dentures (with preferably 3 or more abutments available):

  • Interdental (insertion) dentures
  • Partial dentures


Implants, tooth-borne and tooth-tissue-borne restorations

  • Implant-borne restoration (immediate loading)
  • Bounded saddle dentures, partial dentures and overdentures especially with very weak abutment teeth

Description of the Dolder® system

Bar-retained, removable restorations are among the most \tried and tested forms of prosthetic treatment both experimentally and clinically and their relevance has increased due to advances in implantology.
The Dolder® system, which includes the Dolder® bar attachment is based on the successful Dolder® design and now includes new components to cater for market demands.