C&M Dolder® System resilient bar female T, 1 pc

Cendres & Metaux

C&M Dolder® System resilient bar female T, 1 pc

Execution in pure titanium (T)

Standard for polymerizing into the denture resin or metal framework (no soldering). Adjustable

Available in macro and micro.

Dolder® female part

T = Pure titanium


Removable dentures

  • Implant-supported dentures
  • Coverdentures

Dolder® Resilient Bar

Tooth / gingival supported resilient dentures (placed primarily in upper and lower anterior regions)

Dolder® Resilient Bar

Initial situation:

The more advanced tooth loss is and with no possibility of increasing the number of abutments with implants, the more valuable each tooth becomes as a retentive unit for the denture. To relieve the stress on the canines. The teeth most likely to survive, the retentive mechanism is transferred from the tooth to the egg-shaped bar connector with three paths of movement (vertical translation, sagittal and anterior rotation). In many cases, tooth loss can be delayed for years if the periodontal conditions are optimal.


Tooth-tissue-borne resilient bar dentures
Use primarily in the anterior region of the mandible and in rare cases in the maxilla

  • Implant-borne restorations
  • Overdentures
  • With a residual dentition

Description of the Dolder® system

Bar-retained, removable restorations are among the most \tried and tested forms of prosthetic treatment both experimentally and clinically and their relevance has increased due to advances in implantology.
The Dolder® system, which includes the Dolder® bar attachment and the Dolder® resilient bar is based on the successful Dolder® design and now includes new components to cater for market demands.