C&M Dolder® System resilient bar male E and T, 1 pc

Cendres & Metaux

C&M Dolder® System resilient bar male E and T, 1 pc

Elitor® for soldering and laser welding to cast root caps or between crowns, bridges, implants or screw-retained attachments.
Titanium for laser welding to retaining cores in titanium.

Available in macro and micro.

E =  Elitor® warm straightened, high-grade, tough, yellow precious metal alloy. After soldering/laser welding the work must be hardened to attain the best mechanical properties.

T =  Pure titanium


Removable dentures

  • Implant-supported dentures
  • Coverdentures

Dolder® Resilient bar

Tooth / gingival supported resilient dentures (placed primarily in upper and lower anterior regions.


Tooth-tissue-borne resilient bar dentures. Used primarily in the anterior region of the mandible and in rare cases in the maxilla.


  • Implant-borne restorations
  • Overdentures
  • With a residual dentition

Dolder® resilient bar

Initial situation: The more advanced tooth loss is and with no possibility of increasing the number of abutments with implants, the more valuable each tooth becomes as a retentive unit for the denture. To relieve the stress on the canines, the teeth most likely to survive, the retentive mechanism is transferred from the tooth to the egg-shaped bar connector with tree paths of movement (vertical translation, sagittal and anterior rotation). In many cases tooth loss can be delayed for years if the periodontal conditions are optimal.