C&M Mini-SG® F/R female part T or C complete, 1 pc

Cendres & Metaux

C&M Mini-SG® F/R female part T or C complete, 1 pc

Mounted with a red friction insert (055356). Additionally included are a yellow (055691) and red (055356) friction insert as well as an orange (055718) and violet (055766) retention insert.

Female part available in pure titanium (T) or Ceramicor® (C). The female part can be resin-bonded into the metal framework thanks to the duplicating technique. Due to the provided retentions it can also be processed into denture resin. Additionally the female part in Ceramicor® can be connected with the suprastructure by means of casting-on with precious metal alloys.

T =     Pure titanium, can be permanently retained in the denture framework using the duplicating or adhesive                                   technique. The integrated retention also provides the option of polymerization into the denture.

C =    Ceramicor®, used for the cast-on technique

  • Dental and dental-gingival supported dentures.
  • Interdental insertion dentures
  • Rigid unilateral and bilateral free-end dentures
  • Dentures with one interdental saddle and one free-end situation/Insertion denture and free-end parts in combination
  • Restorations can be planned in advance