C&M Round bar with rider female E, 1 pc

Cendres & Metaux

C&M Round bar with rider female E, 1 pc

Adjustable rider, can be cutted individually.


Tooth and tooth/gingival supported dentures

Implant-supported dentures, partial dentures and coverdentures, especially in cases of severe partial edentulousness, partial dentures and converdentures on extremely weak abutment teeth.

E = Elitor® The rider is made of this yellow precious metal alloy – its properties

                    ensure that the lamellae function and retain the denture long-term.

Description of the female part version (riders)

Female part E (length 3.5mm) with retainers for the retention in the resin denture. The female part must not be retreated (exception: unique bending of the retainers with caution).