Detax Freeform® starter set, 1 Set


Detax Freeform® starter set, 1 Set

Ready-to-use modeling resin, light-curing for multiple indications (e.g., drilling and X-ray templates, splints, base plates, transfer keys). Radiotransparent, can be sterilised and disinfected, biocompatible.

  • Colour: clear-transparent
  • Plast: kneadable paste, can be shaped and modeled, dimension-stable, MA-free
  • Fixgel: stable gel for direct application from the dosing syringe, MMA-free. High mechanical stability for rapid fixation and integration of drill guides or X-ray reference spheres. Also ideal for reinforcing, individualising and repairing.
  • Bond: light-curing bonding agent for PMMA-compatible thermoforming films and acrylates. Also for repairs & revisions of Freeform® plast.
  • Coat: light-curing, single-component finishing gloss for the final surface sealing. Creates a smooth, hard surface. Brilliant finish, totally without polishing.

Packing content:

60 g     past, jar
3 g       fixgel, syringe
5 ml     bond bottle
10 ml   coat bottle
10 pcs disposable brush, blue metallic
10 pcs application needles