Detax Freeprint® Cast 2.0, 500g and 1000g


Detax Freeprint® Cast 2.0 385nm, 500g and 1000g

Casting Objects

Light-curing, bio compatible resin for the 3D printing of high-precision casting objects.

Colour: red-transparent

Wavelength: 385nm


  • Excellent dimensional stability after printing ensures safe application with fit check, in particular where cast models and molds are concerned.
  • Printing results are precise and without any distortions, even for extremely delicate and intricate models
  • Any corrections or repairs after printing are possible with easyform gel LC
  • Low viscosity and optimized depth of cure help reduce printing time and material consumption and facilitate faster cleaning
  • Burns without leaving any residues in the mold and is the basis for high-grade modelling results that ensure the perfect fit.
  • Phosphate-bonded investment materials are used as investments.