Lukadent LUKACast S+, 1 Unit


Lukadent LUKACast S+, 1 Unit

LUKACast S+ - One of the world's smallest Vacuum-Casting machine

  • Small in measures - big in performance
  • For all high and non-precious dental alloys
  • New microprocessor controlled indication generator with 3,5kW (230V, single-phase) - thorough mixing of metals
  • Alloys can be melted under vacuum and with argon gas - max. temperature 2.000°C
  • Homogeneity also with minimal wall thickness
  • All muffle sizes can be used. After melting it is possible to cast with argon under pressure to optimise the fill without oxidation
  • Easy to operate - optional with temperature control
  • Digital display wit power control
  • Error control check via GSM-modem

Technical Data

System will be delivered with all accessories needed:

1 x Vacuum pump

1 x Ceramic crucible for non-precious alloys 90g (110g available at additional cost)

1 x Ceramic crucible with graphite for precious alloys 80g (150g available at additional cost)

4 x Casting rings size 1, 3, 6, and 9

4 x Muffle adapters size 1, 3, 6 and 9