Lukadent LUKAGlaze, 1 Unit


Lukadent LUKAGlaze, 1 Unit

The LUKAGlaze is an economical, compact ceramic furnace for dentist clinic or laboratory air-fire staining and glazing.

Final chairside esthetics are easily achieved with this portable, lightweight unit.

Simple to operate.

The user simply selects the desired temperature and the LUKAGlaze automatically controls muffle temperature and temperature rise rate.

This assures precise stain and glazing firings.

  • Volts 230 V / 50-60 Hz or 110 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Watts 800W (230V) or 600 W (110V)
  • Temperature max 1.100°C
  • Heating Rate 25°C min. and 120°C max.
  • Weight 3,6 kg
  • L x B X H (mm) 205 x 155 x 220
  • Honeycomb Tray 55 x 55 mm