Lukadent Radial bristle disc Kit Ø 25mm, 1 Kit


Lukadent Radial bristle disc Kit Ø 25mm, 1 Kit

Radial bristle discs have thin flexible bristles that ret into hard to reach areas. These non-contaminating discs are ideal for cleaning metal surfaces, removing re scale and oxide, blending, texturing, pre-polishing and polishing all dental acrylics, alloys and precious metals.

The cubitron and aluminium oxide grain embedded throughout the bristles enable them to work faster and last far longer than rubber wheels, regular brushes and buffs.

They generate little or no dust nor the heat associated with rubber wheels and buffs.

They work well on all precious and non-precious dental alloys including chrome-cobalt, titanium, stainless steel, as well as acrylic and ceramics.

Advantages are:

  • Easy handling
  • Use with 1 up to 6 discs to work on greater surfaces

Kit content:

6 pcs  of all 4 grits
1 pc Mandrel M2