Motyl separating discs for steel and, alloys, Size 40/1.0, 20 pcs, blue


Motyl separating discs for steel and alloys

Double fibre glass 1.0, Size 40/1.0 (20 pcs, blue)

The only producer of ultra-thin, double reinforced and low heat generating separating discs ideal for, steel, alloys and noble metals processing.

Motyl products are well known all over the world for their high quality and effectiveness.

Motyl discs have also proven to last longer due to their durability.

Advantages of ultra-thin grinding wheels:

  • Highly efficient and strong grinding discs.
  • For cutting steel and alloys
  • Reinforced on both sides with fibreglass net.
  • Do not cause heating of the processed material or undue stress on power tools. 

With a thickness of 1.0 mm, the enable polishing as well as cutting.

External diameter in mm:       39.0 (+- 0.50)
Thickness in mm:                        1.0 (+- 0.05)
Maximum number of
rotations RPM (per min):        38 000