Creation CC / Bleach Shades, Kit

Creation Willi Geller

CC / Bleach Shades, Kit

For pearly-white aesthetics

The special Bleach Shades Kit complements the aesthetically versatile range of Creation CC with high-quality shades beyond the conventional color palette – and for all indications.

  • Highest aesthetics thanks to true-to-nature light dynamics
  • High color accuracy and color fidelity thanks to high-quality materials
  • Ease of handling thanks to integrated shade and build-up system
  • Compatible with all Creation CC materials
  • Firing temperature: 920°C
  • CTE:   13.3 

Base porcelain perfectly matched to the metal framework

Kit contants:

  • 1 Bleach Crapast Opaque O-AB
  • 3 Bleach Dentine BD-A, B, BO
  • 1 Bleach Enamel S-AB
  • 1 Bleach Shoulder SP-AB
  • 1 Shoulder Liquide
  • 1 Modeling Liquide ML-H
  • 1 Bleach Shade Guide
  • 1 CC Color Chart/Firing Chart