Creation CC / Effect Enamel (SI), 20g or 50g

Creation Willi Geller

Creation CC / Effect Enamel (SI), 20g or 50g

The SI incisal powders complement the standard Creation Enamels. These unique powders have opalescent characteristics and are more vital looking in the mouth than the standard Enamels. They can be used straight or mixed with the basic Enamels to create all the subtle variations seen in teeth.

SI's are similar to the basic enamels regarding their opacity (the ability to reflect light). There are six SI powders each with a certain "level"€ of colour. Their opacity remains constant while their chroma increases.

  • Firing temperature: 920°C
  • CTE:   13.3 

Available in 6 shades:

SI-01 light yellow, SI-02 medium yellow, SI-03 heavy yellow, SI-04 light orange, SI-05 medium orange, SI-06 heavy orange