Creation CC / Shoulder Powder (SP), 15g or 50g

Creation Willi Geller

Creation CC / Shoulder Powder (SP), 15g or 50g

The Shoulder Powder (SP) has a unique fibre optic effect that helps transmit light around the circumference of a crown. This effect, along with the inherent fluorescence of the Shoulder powders, sets them apart from other brands.

The Shoulder material also differs from other brands because of its two-layer system. At times, when fabricating a porcelain margin, a distinct line will be evident at the metal junction. This often happens when the shoulder material is too translucent. To overcome this, the first layer is built with opacious SPs. The opacious shades are necessary for reflection light to provide value to the shoulder instead of passing the light through, only to be lost in the underlying tooth. This layer forms a gradual transition of opacity from the coping to the natural tooth and so prevents the appearance of the metal junction.

The second layer is built with the translucent shoulder shades. This layer will provide the translucency necessary to create the appearance of depth and will also blend smoothly with the shade of the natural tooth.

  • Firing temperature: 950°C
  • CTE:   13.3

Available in 3 opacious shades:

SP-27 ivory, SP-28 opaque yellow, SP-29 honey

Available in 6 translucent shades:

SP-21 neutral, SP-22 flamingo, SP-23sand, SP-24 gold, SP-25 brown red, SP-26 yellow grey