Creation CC / Transpa (TI, NT, OT), 20g or 50g

Creation Willi Geller

Creation CC / Transpa (TI, NT, OT), 20g or 50g

The TI incisal powders complement the standard Creation Enamels. These unique powders have opalescent characteristics and are more vital looking in the mouth than the standard Enamels. They can be used straight or mixed with the basic Enamels to create all the subtle variations seen in teeth.

TI's are more translucent than SI and thus allow more light to transmit through the crown.

Neutral translucent (NT) is, as its name suggests, a translucent material, It can be used by itself or create a brighter translucent effect or mixed with other enamels at different rations to make those enamels more translucent.

Opalescent translucent (OT) can help create a natural-looking opalescent effect. Opalescent is one phenomenon of light. Generally, we notice this effect in the incisal area of a tooth. OT should not be used as an overlay.

  • Firing temperature: 920°C
  • CTE:   13.3

Available in 7 shades:

TI-1 blue, TI-2 white, TI-3 pink, TI-4 yellow, TI-5 grey, NT neutral, OT opal