Creation LS / Press – medium translucency ingots, 5 x 3g

Creation Willi Geller

Creation LS / Press –  medium translucency ingots, 5 x 3g

Creation LS – for good reason!

Creative Freedom with pressable ceramics

Creation LS press ingots are produced using a special technical process where the finest lithium disilicate microcrystals are enclosed in a glass matrix. The special feature is the even distribution and the high filling degree of microcrystalline lithium disilicate. What results, are superior physical material properties and the natural aesthetics of the restorations.

The brilliance of Creations LS Press

  • High strength thanks to homogeneous crystalline structure: >500 MPa
  • Minimally invasive preparation: 0.3 mm (veneer), 0.8 mm (front tooth)
  • Creative freedom during creation: full veneers, partial veneers, cutback, micro layering, painting technique
  • Wide range of indications: inlays, onlays, veneers, occlusal veneers, veneering frameworks, monolithic restorations, splinted crowns
  • Extensive colour and translucency spectrum
  • The appropriate ingot for every indication

Efficiency and natural aesthetics: Creation LS Press and Creation LS are a perfect ceramic symbiosis offering dental technician reliability and stability but also brilliant colors and versatility on and with lithium disilicate, as standard is not enough for Creation!

Reliably combined for extended possibilities: the two system components Creation LS Press and Creation LS follow master ceramist Willi Geller’s “Simply Brilliant” philosophy proven for 30 years.

Medium translucency, 8 different ingot colours (MT-B00, MT-B0, MT-A1, MT-A2, MT-A3, MT-B1, BT-B2, BT-D2) are available to produce restorations in layering technique.